Our team is rethinking data quality.

Our Story
Anomalo co-founders Elliot Shmukler, CEO, and Jeremy Stanley, CTO, worked closely together at Instacart and bonded over their shared love of using data. They applied data to everything from optimizing marketing spend through machine learning to improving the efficiency of the grocery delivery process by mapping out the best way to shop for items in stores.

They witnessed many situations where Instacart’s data quality broke down. At one point, a geographic expansion strategy stalled by using data that was six months stale. The difficulty of ensuring their data was of high quality led them to found Anomalo.
Elliot Shmukler
Co-founder & CEO
Product Leader with extensive track record in Growth and Data-Driven Products. One of the leading advocates of experimental & data-driven product approaches in the Valley.
Jeremy Stanley
Co-founder & CTO
Head of Data Science at three hyper-growth companies. Applied ML and AI for everything from ad-tech to last mile delivery logistics. Recognized brand in the data science community.
Our Team Values
Rational Optimism
We rely on each other to make principled decisions backed by data and logic
For & By All
Diverse, inclusive teams build better products that represent the needs of our customers
Own It
We champion ownership, and we take accountability for our work
Opacity Zero
Transparency enables our autonomous and fact-driven culture
Outcomes > Hours
People should work when and where they will be most productive
Life's too short not to have fun at work
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