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Product Overview

Meet your all-in-one automated data quality monitoring platform for the enterprise.

Your modern data stack is only as good as the underlying data.

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Go beyond data observability with deep data quality monitoring you can trust.

  • Powerful data quality checks that use unsupervised machine learning
  • Automatically identify missing and anomalous data registered in Anomalo
  • Easy for everyone, API or no-code configuration
  • Deep monitoring that looks inside your tables



The right alerts, sent to the right person. No noise.

  • Intelligent false positive suppression
  • Rich alert experience
  • Sophisticated alert routing




Save hours of time investigating an issue with root cause analysis.

  • Automatic root cause analysis
  • Samples and visualizations for deep analysis
  • Triage and resolution workflows
  • Ticketing integrations
  • Automatic upstream and downstream lineage



Enterprise scale at your fingertips, so you can effortlessly monitor millions of tables.

  • Cost-effective monitoring of millions of tables
  • Easily bulk configure tables within minutes
  • Efficient queries that run hourly
  • Orchestration integrations
  • Catalog integrations
  • Management reporting


Key Benefits

Comprehensive data monitoring with AI

Automate data quality checks, at scale, using machine learning

Anomalo’s unsupervised machine learning automatically monitors data quality, allowing you to identify issues before they impact your business.

Rich visualizations for easy issue detection

‍Anomalo offers a variety of visualizations that help you understand data quality problems in context, making it easier to identify the root cause.

Easy for everyone with our no-code UI

Anyone can be a data quality champion and create their own validation rules or key metric checks using Anomalo’s no-code UI.

The right alerts, sent to the right person. No noise.

‍Anomalo’s incredibly powerful unsupervised machine learning uses automatic secondary checks to weed out false positives.

Instant root-cause analysis

‍When data quality issues are detected, Anomalo provides an instant root-cause analysis that points to the likely source of the problem, saving you time and effort to investigate.

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