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Anomalo integrates with the platforms and tools your team already uses, so you can start monitoring your data quality in minutes.


Data quality management that works everywhere you do.

With seamless connections to familiar tools used across your stack, Anomalo makes it easy to keep doing your best work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Anomalo’s integrations stand out?

One of the strengths of Anomalo is our deep investment in the data ecosystem and the partnerships that we’ve built with companies like Databricks, Snowflake, and Alation. We believe that data quality information needs to be democratized and shared across the data stack and have pioneered this effort through our integrations. Through our native integration with Alation, you can access all kinds of data quality information from your catalog. You can easily integrate Anomalo’s checks with workflow orchestrators like dbt and Airflow. And you can be confident that you have the most cost-effective and efficient monitoring because Anomalo understands the nuances of each data warehouse.

We’ve considered an all-in-one data management solution. What are the advantages of integrating Anomalo with our stack?

When it comes to data quality, some vendors promise to handle everything from data governance to cataloging to monitoring. While this can provide convenience, these solutions can come at a high price without offering the most cutting-edge features in any one area. An additional concern is vendor lock-in: you may not be able to easily change pieces of your stack later as your business needs evolve. When you integrate Anomalo with your stack, you are getting a solution that a) offers the best data quality monitoring on the market — it’s our only focus — and b) will scale and adapt to how your organization uses data, because we integrate with so many different components of the stack.

Where can I find documentation about integrations? 

Currently, our documentation is private and accessible to Anomalo customers or those doing a pilot with our platform. Once you’re working with your customer success team, we’ll make sure that you have all the docs you need — most integrations are quite straightforward and can be set up directly from inside the platform UI with a few clicks.

I don’t see my integration listed. Is it something Anomalo could support?

If you don’t see an integration listed here, we may be actively working on supporting it! And if not, we may want to add it to our roadmap. Please reach out to with more information about your use case.

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