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Celebrating Anomalo’s Recognition as Databricks Emerging Partner of the Year

I am thrilled to share that Anomalo has been named the Databricks Emerging Partner of the Year at the 2024 Databricks Data + AI Summit.

As Roger Murff, VP of Technology Partners at Databricks, puts it, “Anomalo has demonstrated innovation and commitment to data quality which aligns perfectly with our mission to help organizations build data-driven cultures and democratize data and AI.”

Data quality is one of the top anxieties of IT decision-makers. One survey found that 91% feel the need to improve data quality at their company, and 77% lack trust in their own data. The good news is that 89% feel supported by company leadership to improve data quality.

Anomalo’s AI-powered platform automatically detects data issues and their root causes, ensuring that any issues can be detected and resolved before they skew business intelligence dashboards or negatively influence AI models. Better still, our deep integration with Databricks makes investigating and resolving issues even faster.

As Databricks customers increasingly turn to Anomalo to improve trust in their data, Databricks is demonstrating its own trust in us. Since 2022, we have developed a deep relationship with Databricks across three dimensions:

  • Product: Our service is highly interoperable. As one of the earliest Databricks Partner Connect integrations, we developed a seamless connection to try, buy, and deploy Anomalo on the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. And with our bi-directional integration with Unity Catalog, end users who benefit from Anomalo’s AI-powered data quality monitoring can see the latest quality status right inside Databricks.
  • Sales: We share customers across every major vertical Databricks sells to, such as financial services and retail. Their customers find great value in our ability to deeply monitor any Databricks table with minimal configuration, especially those using vast amounts of data to train AI and machine learning.
  • Investment: By investing in our Series B round earlier this year, Databricks Ventures has demonstrated confidence in both our product and our company, and given us support to invest in more innovation.

The word “emerging” in the award’s title is particularly encouraging and, hopefully, prescient. We’ve come a long way together relatively quickly, and we share the confidence that this is only the beginning of a long, fruitful relationship.

I’m grateful that Databricks recognizes that Anomalo helps their customers trust—and thus get more value from—the data they store and process on the platform. I’m also so happy that many of our shared customers see the value in spending “less time firefighting issues and more time using data to build products our customers love,” as Tim Ng, data products engineering lead at our joint customer Block, puts it.

Finally, I hope my fellow Anomallamas are as encouraged as I am about this recognition. As we’ve gone through a high-growth period, both in terms of customers and team size, they’ve remained focused on product quality and customer satisfaction.

As we celebrate this recognition, we look forward to further strengthening our collaboration with Databricks and continuing to deliver exceptional value to our shared customers. As AI continues to grow and transform industries, our combined services will help a diverse range of enterprises manage risks and seize opportunities.


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