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What our Customers Say

“Discover has been using Anomalo in production for nearly 2 years with flourishing adoption and is continuing to integrate the platform across our entire organization. We are confident that Anomalo will enhance our ability to monitor data quality at scale and with less manual effort.”

Prakash Jaganathan
Senior Director of Enterprise Data Platforms

“Anomalo has made a ton of difference around what we’ve been able to observe and keep track of. There’s the day-to-day, ‘How is everything looking?’ And there are also indicators about how our business is trending. You can do both—it’s not an either/or proposition.”

Cliff Miller
Enterprise Data Architect

“When we’re bringing a bunch of different datasets together, whether it be external or internal, that’s where we sit Anomalo strategically to make sure those key datasets are fresh, accurate, and as expected. We literally went from nothing to having something that was automated and kicking out alerts to us.”

Carson Wilshire
Sr. Analytics Manager

 “We were delighted with the functionality Anomalo provided, and their approach to monitoring matched our essential requirements.”

Stephan Claus
Director of Data

“Anomalo has transformed our data incident response pipeline so we’re no longer searching for a needle in a haystack.”

Angelo Sisante
Product Manager - Data Products