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Anomalo Deepens its Integration with the Alation Data Catalog

Anomalo Deepens its Integration with the Alation Data Catalog

As part of Anomalo’s commitment to interoperability, we previously joined Alation’s Open Data Quality Initiative as a founding partner. Our partnership with Alation has resulted in significant growth of mutual customers and a heightened demand for enhanced interoperability.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re extending Anomalo’s integration with the Alation Data Catalog to offer an improved user interface and bidirectional links between the two products. With these changes, you can expect an even more seamless interface between your data quality platform and data catalog.

Why integrate Anomalo and Alation?

A modern data catalog like Alation and a sophisticated data quality monitoring platform like Anomalo are must-haves for companies aspiring to leverage data at scale within their organization. These tools not only help users organize and access their data, they also guarantee that it is of high integrity so that decision makers can have confidence in their analytics and data driven products.

Anomalo and Alation are best-in-class enterprise tools that, especially when combined, power data-driven outcomes by delivering data everyone can trust.

Original integration overview

Our initial integration with Alation incorporated Anomalo’s data quality checks into the Alation Data Catalog such that users of both can monitor their data’s quality without having to leave Alation. We made Anomalo accessible from two places in Alation.

1. Table overview

Alation’s table overview contains a custom subsection for Anomalo’s data quality checks, with visual indicators for each check’s status. You can also click on the hyperlink to access the corresponding table view in Anomalo.

2. Health section

The data health section shows a more detailed view of each quality check. You can click on the link for each check to access the relevant visualizations and root cause analysis in Anomalo.

New features

Since the initial launch of our partnership with Alation, we’ve seen steep growth in mutual customers and continued demand for even deeper interoperability. As a result of this momentum, we’re excited to share several new ways that customers can use Alation and Anomalo together.

1. View which of your organization’s tables have Anomalo configured

Now, tables monitored by Anomalo will be automatically tagged in the Alation UI. It’s quick and easy to know which tables are covered and which tables you may want to start monitoring. It’s also possible to compare the most popular tables in Alation with those that have Anomalo data monitoring. This way, you can prioritize configuring Anomalo for the most used tables that don’t yet have data quality monitoring.

2. Access the Alation table view from Anomalo

Users of our original integration loved the ability to see Anomalo results directly in Alation. This new feature does the inverse and links the Alation table view inside Anomalo. Todd Beauchene, Alation Director of Partner Integrations said, “The Alation UI provides access to a host of information on a given data asset. This includes metadata, top users, and data lineage. Now, users have direct access to that information from each table view in Anomalo. Furthermore, Anomalo’s integration enhances the data within Alation by providing real-time status and quality metrics to help business users trust the data within their catalog.”

3. View Anomalo’s column-level profile visualizations in Alation

Anomalo customers frequently rely on the platform’s visualizations that enable users to quickly orient themselves with the contents of a given column. Now, these charts and figures will be available within Alation. About this upcoming feature, Anomalo’s Amy Reams, VP of Business Development said, “We’re looking forward to bringing one of Anomalo’s marquee features directly into Alation, so that our ML-powered data insights reach even more enterprise users.”


These new features take our cutting-edge tools, amplify the value for our mutual customers, and make Anomalo and Alation easier than ever to use together. Customers can spend more time making data-driven decisions, and less time investigating and fire-fighting issues with their data.

The combination of data curation in Alation and data quality monitoring in Anomalo provides customers with a complete view into the trustworthiness of their data. We’re just getting started, and we intend on working together further to serve our customers.

To learn more, contact a member of the Alation or Anomalo team.

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