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Anomalo Product Updates: March 2024

In an era in which data drives decisions, maintaining its quality is paramount. We are proud to announce a comprehensive update to our data quality monitoring platform, designed to further empower data teams with tools that streamline their workflow, enhance efficiency, and ensure the utmost data integrity. Each new feature is a step toward simplifying complex processes, offering insights more readily, and enabling more strategic data management. Let’s explore the integrated highlights and details of these updates, showcasing how each innovation can revolutionize your data quality practices.

Instant Table Configuration Validation

We’ve introduced a feature that validates your table configuration immediately after you select a time column. This proactive validation process, which queries your table for recent dates and displays the results, is designed to help you ensure the correct setup on your first attempt. Available in both “guided” and “advanced” modes, this feature caters to various levels of expertise and preferences, providing a seamless experience whether you’re configuring a table for the first time or tweaking an existing setup. By offering instant feedback, Anomalo not only saves time but also minimizes potential errors, ensuring that your data freshness checks are accurate from the get-go.

Automated Management of Long-Running Checks

To address the dual challenges of operational efficiency and cost management, we’ve introduced automatic disabling of long-running checks. This smart automation prevents unnecessary data warehouse expenses due to costly or misconfigured checks, while still allowing for manual overrides for essential checks. Deployment admins can set a configurable threshold, with a default of 6 hours, to determine when a check should be auto-disabled. This balance of automation and user control ensures that your data quality monitoring remains both efficient and flexible.

AI Assist for SQL Checks

Anomalo’s AI Assist features bring convenience and efficiency in writing and fixing SQL for advanced checks. With advanced AI, you can now generate new SQL queries or correct existing ones with unprecedented ease. This opt-in feature transforms complex SQL challenges, making it possible to describe logic in natural language and to receive optimized SQL in return. Whether you’re generating SQL for a new check or fixing a typo in an existing query, AI Assist streamlines the process, making advanced data checks more accessible to everyone.

Comprehensive Feature Expansion for All Users

Reflecting our commitment to respond to feedback and evolving data landscapes, we’ve made a suite of previously selective features universally available. This expansion includes advanced cron scheduling options, support for Oracle and MySQL data sources, hourly metric collection, notification digests, and Pulse for Table Observability, enriching the user experience across the board. Additionally, the shift in perspective from “yesterday” to “today” on the table configuration page is now live for everyone, further enhancing the platform’s usability and functionality.


These updates are a testament to our dedication to advancing data quality monitoring. By integrating feedback into our development process, we’ve crafted a suite of features that not only address current needs but also anticipate future challenges. We invite you to explore these new capabilities, confident that they will provide valuable insights and efficiencies in your data quality endeavors. As always, we’re here to support your journey toward impeccable data integrity and invite your feedback as we continue to innovate and improve.

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