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The Definitive Guide to Data Quality Monitoring Vendor Selection

Are you looking for a data quality monitoring solution but need help figuring out where to start?

We’ve just released the definitive guide to data quality monitoring vendor assessment and selection. With this guide, you will:

  • Learn how to evaluate data quality monitoring vendors with five easy-to-use dimensions
  • Be able to benchmark and compare solutions based on detailed lists of features that vendors might offer and problems they might solve
  • Find support for speaking fluently about your teams’ needs — both with internal stakeholders and potential service providers

The more data you have, the more complex the quality issues

It’s easier than ever to incorporate vast amounts of data from multiple sources into your business decision-making process. And that means the volume of increasingly complex data quality problems is steadily increasing — affecting dashboards, reports, predictive models, and, ultimately, your decisions.

Whether you’re seeing problems with late delivery, missing and incomplete data, format and structural changes, or anomalous data, quality issues can quickly spiral out of control — that is, unless they’re carefully managed.

Enter the need for a data quality monitoring solution that helps you detect, alert, and resolve any issues that come up.

Choosing the right data quality monitoring solution

Given the scale and complexity of the issues you might face, selecting a data quality monitoring platform that works well for your specific needs is essential. In our guide, you’ll find a detailed framework to help you do exactly that.

We organize the complex space of data quality platform features (and problems they might address) into five clear dimensions: detect, alert, resolve, security, and support. Our guide provides a granular list of features to consider for each dimension when scoring vendors. The combined framework helps you navigate available choices, shows you how various data quality monitoring solutions measure up, and allows you to compare them effectively.

Once you’ve completed your assessment based on our guide, you’ll confidently be able to make a decision on which data quality monitoring solution to use. It will be clear that you’re making the choice that best meets your needs.

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