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Seamlessly use Anomalo and Jira Together: Try our Public Preview Today

Data incidents are a part of doing business at scale, and that’s why so many companies turn to Anomalo for data quality monitoring. Many of our customers also use Jira to track issues and manage the incident resolution process.

Today, we’re excited to announce a public preview of our Jira integration, that empowers users to work in their preferred system while leveraging the benefits of both tools.

Why integrate Anomalo and Jira?

Jira is the market leader in bug and issue tracking. When a company experiences a data issue, a member of the data team typically files a Jira ticket. This ticket elevates the incident’s visibility and facilitates collaboration.

Anomalo is how a data professional would discover the issue in the first place. Powered by machine learning, Anomalo intelligently alerts the relevant stakeholders about a data anomaly. After a data analyst or engineer reviews the alert, they can either resolve it immediately or escalate the issue in the form of a Jira ticket.

We built this integration to bridge the gap between companies’ sources of truth for data quality and issue tracking. Each platform contains rich context that benefits the other, so linking the two prevents the siloing of information between data incident detection and response.

Integration workflow available for public preview

With this integration, you can create a Jira ticket directly from Anomalo. Better yet, that ticket contains all the context from the corresponding Anomalo alert. There’s no need to worry about making mistakes trying to manually copy details from Anomalo into Jira.

Create a Jira ticket directly from Anomalo

When a data engineer sees the ticket in Jira, they don’t have to switch platforms to see the critical information from Anomalo that will help debug the problem. An entire data team can discuss an issue in Jira without losing sight of the original alert from Anomalo.


Get the context from Anomalo without having to leave Jira

Getting Started with our Jira Integration in Anomalo

To try our public preview, reach out to your customer success manager today. And if you’re new to Anomalo, request a demo to learn more.


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