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Anomalo’s complete data quality platform is now on Google Cloud Marketplace

For as long as Anomalo has supported the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), customers have monitored the quality of vast amounts of data without the need to write code, configure rules, or set thresholds. Now that it’s available through Google Cloud Marketplace, Anomalo is just as easy to procure as it is to use.

Simpler buying through the marketplace

While Anomalo is new to the marketplace, it’s already established a successful track record on the Google Cloud. Anomalo is a Google Cloud Ready (GCR) partner for BigQuery and AlloyDB, and we share a perspective with Google on the value of advanced data quality monitoring on GCP. The platform has a strong track record of monitoring huge amounts of data for GCP customers like Aritzia, BuzzFeed, and Keller Williams. (See how KW uses Anomalo to govern data at lower cost.)

On a practical level, Anomalo’s addition to the marketplace means it’s much more convenient to buy. Because you can pay for Anomalo directly through your Cloud Billing account, you don’t need to set up a new vendor relationship. This means you can probably avoid the internal hassle of procurement, and the charge for Anomalo is simply added to your existing billing account. Buying Anomalo through this channel also counts toward your committed GCP spend, so depending on your usage it may fit within the budget you’ve already allocated.

It’s also a symbol of Anomalo and Google’s committed partnership. Joining the marketplace establishes Anomalo’s investment in supporting GCP for the long term, and cements Google’s affirmation of the quality and value of the powerful, AI-powered data platform.

​​“Bringing Anomalo to Google Cloud Marketplace will help customers quickly deploy, manage, and grow the data quality platform on Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs at Google Cloud. “Anomalo can now securely scale and support customers on their digital transformation journeys.”

Data quality at Google scale

GCP uses the same infrastructure as Google’s end-user products such as Search and Gmail—so it can process and analyze enormous volumes of data very quickly. However, with great scale comes great responsibility. No amount of speed will make up for errors; in fact, more advanced uses of bad data, such as machine learning (ML) and automation, only increase the potential negative impact.

Anomalo’s job is to identify data issues early and clearly—not just “was the table updated today” or “is the date formatted correctly” (of course it can do that too), but scrutinizing the values themselves. It uses unsupervised machine learning (UML) to understand the typical patterns of data tables, and sends alerts when it detects anomalous changes, hence the name. By identifying problems early, data teams can squelch issues before their impact spreads.

All this coverage is actually less costly than traditional checks and tests. (See how Anomalo’s UML automates the equivalent of 5 million data-engineering hours for Discover Financial.) What’s more, Anomalo leverages a tight integration with GCP to make it fast and easy to set up monitoring and quickly respond to emerging issues.

Monitor any BigQuery or AlloyDB table. No need for complicated setup. Once Anomalo is deployed, you can turn on monitoring with just a few clicks. For hands-off coverage at scale, flip the switch on UML for anomaly alerting on any number of tables. For more precise tracking of critical tables, columns, and data flows, use no-code or low-code configuration to tell Anomalo where to pay extra attention.

Higher-quality GenAI and ML. A powerful model trained on bad data can be more harmful than no AI at all. With Anomalo, you—and your stakeholders—can trust the data used for all AI training in GCP, including tools used for GenAI such as BigQuery ML and Vertex.

“Organizations using data to make decisions or as an input into ML models need to ensure accuracy and quality. With Anomalo’s continuous monitoring, customers can ensure their data is always accurate, even as it evolves over time. We’re pleased to partner with Anomalo and help enterprises democratize access to data at scale,” said Naveen Punjabi, Director, Analytics & Data Science Partnerships, Google Cloud.

Bring trust to your BI stack. With BigQuery monitoring, you and your stakeholders won’t have to worry that your analysis in tools like Looker is based on erroneous inputs—and you’ll be able to put out little data fires before they escalate into big fire drills. While Google Dataplex covers the basics of observability and automated rule creation, “Anomalo’s deep data quality goes beyond checks like data freshness to automatically detect key metrics changes and table anomalies.” Read more on the Google Cloud blog.

Find the fire through Dataplex. Anomalo’s Root Cause Analysis, combined with Google Dataplex’s lineage graph, simplifies identifying upstream causes and downstream impacts of quality issues. Not only do you learn of issues before they have a big impact, but it’s now simpler to identify and troubleshoot the source.

Keep it in your VPC. Anomalo is about reducing risk, not creating it. Secure deployment within your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) means Anomalo looks at and analyzes your data where it is, and doesn’t move or copy it anywhere else. That’s a good thing for governance and compliance.

Improve your confidence in your data today

Enterprises gain two levels of confidence with Anomalo. On a fundamental layer, trusting the data they’re using in important processes and decisions means more confidence in the output. Building on that, more trust in data processes means more investment in advanced data use cases.

The alternative is less rosy. Forays into the latest technologies such as generative AI could be quite risky without an equally advanced data quality monitoring process. Analysis and models premised on bad data not only harm the business, but cause fallout that could also set back your company’s trust and investment in data innovation.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever for GCP users to add Anomalo’s data quality monitoring. Start with the Google Cloud Marketplace listing and get in touch. Anomalo provides the onboarding and support, Google sends the bill, and you get to breathe easier knowing you’ll be working with thoroughly monitored data in short order.

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