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Anomalo Prioritizes Patient Data Protection with Rigorous HIPAA Compliance for Today’s Healthcare Tech Leaders

For CIOs and CTOs in the healthcare sector, navigating the complexities of data security and compliance is a daily challenge. Your mission-critical responsibilities to protect patient data demand partnerships with platforms that comprehend the magnitude of this task. At Anomalo, safeguarding sensitive patient health information is more than just a commitment; it’s our utmost priority. … Continued

How Branch achieved a stable data operation with automated data quality monitoring

10+ million records and counting covered by automated daily monitoring 5 hours saved on average per data quality incident from automated root-cause analysis in Anomalo. 3+ FTE resources saved from automated anomaly detection in place of exhaustively writing data validation rules. ‍ <bolderbold>Industry<bolderbold> Insurance ‍ <bolderbold>Technologies<bolderbold> Anomalo, Fivetran, Rivery, BigQuery ‍ <bolderbold>Size of company<bolderbold> ~500 … Continued

Better Together: The Latest in Anomalo’s Integration with Alation

Well over a year ago, Anomalo signed onto Alation’s Open Data Quality Initiative as a founding member. Since then, Anomalo has continually invested in this partnership, integrating its data quality monitoring platform with Alation’s data catalog and subsequently adding features to better serve mutual customers. Today, Anomalo reaffirms its commitment to delivering value for our … Continued

Monitoring Metrics #2: Visualizing Anomalies in Collections of Metrics

This is the second post in our “Monitoring Metrics” series. We’ll cover how to use Anomalo to monitor multiple metrics at once and stay clear of common pitfalls that statisticians face. ‍ Think about visiting the doctor and getting your vitals measured. A doctor doesn’t prescribe a treatment based on one single metric like body … Continued