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Coming soon: Anomalo’s Snowflake Native App using Snowpark Container Services

With the release of Snowpark Container Services within the Snowflake Native App Framework, you’ll soon be able to try, buy, and deploy Anomalo directly within Snowflake. Anomalo has been a design partner on this new capability, and it will be easier than ever for Snowflake customers to get started with Anomalo.

Relying on data requires reliable data

Let’s first talk about why you’d want to use Anomalo.

Snowflake customers harness vast amounts of data from a wide variety of sources to drive critical business decisions. Of course, nobody wants to base their business practices on bad data. But many organizations are behind in modernizing their data quality approach to match their increased volume of and reliance upon data.

It’s bad enough when you’re doing BI analysis on faulty numbers, but at least the impact tends to be localized. But when bad data is part of machine learning, every single output of that model will be influenced by these errors. Worse, because it’s difficult to impossible to suss out exactly how generative AI comes to its conclusions, you likely will never know whether and how much impact bad training data has.

When big data is your business’s lifeblood, you need thorough and consistent analysis to spot maladies before their impact spreads. With a combination of user-specified parameters and AI-powered automated monitoring, Anomalo looks deep into your data to understand patterns and let you know when they suspiciously change. Proactive alerting and root cause analysis ensure you can address issues quickly.

Securely analyzing data values within a Snowflake Native App

Today, Snowflake customers can already securely use Anomalo, using a fully hosted, SOC 2–certified SaaS app, or directly within a virtual private cloud (VPC) where data never leaves the customer’s environment. Both options meet customers’ stringent privacy and security requirements. As a result, Anomalo is trusted by some of the largest and most privacy- and security-conscious enterprises in the world, such as heavily regulated financial institutions including Discover Financial, and healthcare companies like Included Health.

While Snowflake launched Snowflake Native Apps last year, the original design couldn’t support Anomalo’s architecture. Anomalo’s AI-powered monitoring goes beyond metadata by looking at the data itself—the actual data in the rows—to understand patterns and flag when something’s amiss. To securely run this truly enterprise-grade data quality monitoring as a Snowflake Native App requires Snowpark Container Services.

World-class data quality, easier and faster than ever

As far as how Anomalo works day-to-day on Snowflake, nothing has changed. It works just as reliably, helpfully, and securely with a native app as it does when deployed as a hosted SaaS app or directly within the VPC.

What’s new is that starting with Anomalo will become even easier, because you won’t have to leave the Snowflake UI to start using Anomalo. First of all, with just a few clicks, you’ll be able to try Anomalo for monitoring your tables right inside Snowflake. Then once you’ve seen how useful the AI-powered data quality monitoring is, you can buy Anomalo’s service through your Snowflake account. Because it’s all on a platform you already use with a vendor you already pay, the security review and procurement processes are streamlined.

Anomalo has been an important partner in our work to bring Snowpark Container Services to the Native App framework. We are thrilled to offer their unique AI-powered data quality monitoring in an easier-than-ever package, because our customers will be able to try and buy right on the Snowflake cloud. It’s great that our customers will have such an easy and powerful way to increase their trust in the data they host and analyze on Snowflake.

– Muzz Imam, Product Lead for Snowflake Native Apps

Now that Snowflake Native App support for Snowpark Container Services is live, we will have Anomalo’s Snowflake Native App available to Snowflake customers later this year in private preview. Please get in touch with Anomalo or Snowflake to learn more.


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