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Supercharge your data issue response with Anomalo’s Opsgenie integration

Data quality is a mission-critical reliability concern. Teams small and large trust Anomalo to deliver relevant, timely insights into their data quality, but making the most of those insights requires being ready to take action.

Incident management platforms like Opsgenie, included with Atlassian Open DevOps, allow IT teams to respond to operational issues more effectively by alerting the right people at the right time. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Opsgenie as the latest addition to our ever-growing library of integrations. This integration will allow teams to increase the impact of Anomalo’s insights by automatically routing them to the relevant stakeholders so IT teams can take swift, coordinated action to mitigate security and reliability issues.

How does Opsgenie help you do more with Anomalo’s data quality monitoring?

Every data quality incident has the opportunity to leave a data scar, reducing confidence in the data and possibly causing downstream issues for data processing. Anomalo’s automated data quality monitoring is important for detecting issues that might cause data scarring, but a quick response is necessary for mitigating negative effects down the line.

Opsgenie is an incident management and real-time alerting tool that aggregates monitoring information and sends out targeted alerts. It enables teams to respond to operational issues more effectively by using progressive routing rules and automatic escalation to deliver timely information to the right people.

Anomalo monitors data constantly using unsupervised machine learning to detect any inconsistencies and issues as soon as they occur in your tables. Coupled with a tool like Opsgenie, these insights pave the way to fast, well-informed resolutions.

How does the integration work?

Add Opsgenie notifications in settings > organization > notifications.

Enabling integration with Opsgenie means customers will now be able to bring Anomalo’s powerful insights into their existing workflows with no workflow disruption. Anomalo detects issues in datasets using automated root cause analysis to highlight specific problems and where they’re coming from. When a data issue is detected, the relevant information from Anomalo transfers into Opsgenie automatically.

Key information from Anomalo transfers into Opsgenie details automatically.

Stakeholders can then use Opsgenie to track progress on issues reported by Anomalo without losing sight of important information or having to switch back and forth between services. All of the relevant details are available for reference in Opsgenie, but notifications go out to only those team members that need them, helping avoid alert fatigue.

When teams don’t have to switch apps and interrupt their workflows to access information, that lowers barriers to communication, improves visibility across teams and for all stakeholders, and minimizes information siloing. Since data quality issues can have a broad impact and require coordination across multiple teams to resolve, improving visibility makes the process smoother for everyone involved. Easy access to information also helps teams respond more quickly, making the most of data quality monitoring.


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