An instant match for any data stack

Anomalo integrates with the platforms and tools your team already uses, so you can start monitoring your data quality in minutes.

Data quality management that works everywhere you do.

With seamless connections to familiar tools used across your stack, Anomalo makes it easy to keep doing your best work.


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Data Catalogs

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Data Sources

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Data Warehouses

Ensure quality for every record in your datalakes and warehouses before they move onto any dashboard, model, or user-facing product.

Data Catalogs

View data quality metrics in the same place you discover and assess your data sources.


Send customized alerts on a need-to-see basis using the communication platforms and channels your team already has in place.

Single sign-on

Keep your team’s access simple and secure with supported integrations for a variety of SSO providers.


Automate data quality checks in your existing ETL/ELT pipeline.