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How Discover & Nationwide Build Trust in Data with Anomalo and Alation

Data quality management has long been a complex hurdle for businesses, especially those dealing with large volumes of data. Poor data quality can have far-reaching effects, impacting decision-making and overall business performance. At the revAlation 2023 conference, we had the privilege of hearing from companies and participants who are leveraging Anomalo and Alation to address … Continued

How Branch achieved a stable data operation with automated data quality monitoring

10+ million records and counting covered by automated daily monitoring 5 hours saved on average per data quality incident from automated root-cause analysis in Anomalo. 3+ FTE resources saved from automated anomaly detection in place of exhaustively writing data validation rules. ‍ <bolderbold>Industry<bolderbold> Insurance ‍ <bolderbold>Technologies<bolderbold> Anomalo, Fivetran, Rivery, BigQuery ‍ <bolderbold>Size of company<bolderbold> ~500 … Continued

How Included Health Democratizes Data Quality with Anomalo

Supercharging data quality with a common platform for data analysts and engineers ‍ “File a request and we’ll try to prioritize it for next quarter” is the polite way of saying you’re probably not getting support anytime soon. In organizations that generate large volumes of data, data engineering teams are usually stretched too thin to … Continued

Afterpay: Promoting Data Trust with Anomalo

Trust takes years to build and seconds to break—a phrase we often hear applied to relationships, but what about data? The story is the same. The moment you have some bad data appear in an important analytics report, for example, leadership starts to wonder whether your business can really rely on the data you’re using … Continued