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Anomalo Announces Expanded Monitoring Support for the Snowflake Data Cloud

What do new ML-powered applications, advanced analytics, and improved cybersecurity have in common? Three words: high-quality data. Many enterprises today rely on the Snowflake Data Cloud to centralize all their business data and facilitate access, governance, and collaboration, letting them build faster than ever. Data-powered businesses know that quality is key: you can’t deliver great … Continued

Anomalo Announces Table Observability and Lineage for Databricks

Modern businesses are built on data. For a company to successfully operate at scale, they need a way to manage their data at scale, too. That’s why so many organizations use data lakehouses like Databricks to efficiently store data for both machine learning and business intelligence applications. And because companies use their data to drive … Continued

The New and Improved Anomalo CLI

At Anomalo, we believe in empowering everyone in your organization to have a stake in data quality. That means that instead of pushing users to adapt their workflows to something new, we want to meet them where they already are. For engineers, we’ve long supported a command-line interface (CLI) for interacting with Anomalo. After improvements … Continued

Control Your Own Data with In-VPC Deployment

It doesn’t matter how compelling a software vendor’s offerings are if your cybersecurity team says no. Enterprises are rightfully concerned with data privacy, security, and the risk of data leaks, especially as they relate to testing new software products. With strict regulations around data compliance and the ever-present threat of bad actors, businesses need to … Continued

Beyond dbt Tests: Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Data Quality

If you’re using dbt, you have likely come across dbt tests. Used for detecting data quality issues, dbt tests are a set of rules applied to datasets that are used to validate specific conditions, such as column data types, absence of null values, or foreign key relationships. These tests help improve the integrity of each … Continued